What do I use to make my stickers?

I'm not about gatekeeping so here are all the materials, machines, and supplies I use to make and sell my planner stickers.


I have been using the HP Officejet for over 5 years and it works great. This is not the exact one because they no longer make my specific one.


I use a Silhouette Portrait but will be upgrading to a Cameo very soon.


I personally love vinyl and use the matte vinyl from OnlineLabels

Cello Bags

I buy these in bulk and love them.


For my Amazon orders I give my stickers a little extra protection by using these. Here are a great thinner version.

Label Printer

This label printer makes processing my Amazon shipments so much easier. You can go for the bigger version here too.

Label Printer Paper

This is the best deal I've found.

Address Label Paper

If you want to use your regular printer than this works great.


These are great and I've bought them many many times.

Draw my stickers

I use an iPad and Pencil along with Procreate. I also love these little nibs for the end of the pencil. It gives it more grip.


Did I miss anything? Let me know.