Here are some of my most commonly asked questions.


What pen works on vinyl?

Any permanent ink pen, including ballpoint pens. Gel pens will but take longer to dry. (They're my favorite)

Is the vinyl removable?
Technically no, but I have had success removing stickers days later. It really depends on the planner paper. Take it slow and there may be a little residue left on the paper.

Or before placing the sticker down put it on the back of your hand. This decreases the stickiness.


What are your business hours?

I work a regular 9-5 job and will get back to all messages within 24 hours. Note: When ordering Friday- Sunday your order may not go out until Monday.


Do you have sales?

YES! I always post sales on my Instagram and Facebook groups when I have sales. 


Do you sell individual sheets from the kits?

Yes, I do!